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Stoll M1 Plus Innovation and Training Center

Stoll USA and the Manufacturing Solutions Center have teamed up to provide Flatbed Knitting and M1 Plus Programming Training to interested parties! The Training Courses will be structured around the Individual needs of the attendees! Prospective Topics may include:

  • Hand Knitting, Stitch Formation, Yarn Basics
  • Garment Asssembly and Quality Control Basics
  • M1 Programming Introduction and Basics
  • Intermediate - Advanced M1 programming

Your courses will be taught by industry leading flat kntting professionals with a mixture of both theorectical and real world experience. Instructors will work with students directly and format the classes to ensure individual goals are achieved!

The class size at the Stoll Innovation and Training Center ranges from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 students and lasts for 5 days. The cost per student is $1,000 per week.

You will receive lunch each day. You will also receive a USB flash drive containing Stoll manuals for:

  • Stoll Flat Knitting Machine CMS Handling and Knitting Technique
  • Stoll pattern software M1Plus Handling and Programming
  • Upgrade Training from M1 to M1Plus
  • STOLL Pattern-Software M1plus Fully Fashion & Special

The event will be held at our location at the Manufacturing Solutions Center, 301 Conover Station SE, Conover, NC 28613.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the nearest airport. Car rental is across from the baggage claim area. If you prefer, you can use Hickory Hop shuttle in combination with local cab service. Here's a link to local hotels. To get our discounted rates, you must identify yourself with the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC)/CVCC.

Have questions? Contact Tony Whitener at 828-327-7000 ext 4242 or send him an email at


M1 Plus Monday, Feb. 26 - Friday, March 2 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, March 19 - Friday, March 23 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, April 23 - Friday, April 27 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, May 21 - Friday, May 25 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, June 25 - Friday, June 29 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, July 23 - Friday, July 27 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, Aug. 27 - Friday, Aug. 31 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, Sept. 24 - Friday, Sept. 28 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, Oct. 22 - Friday, Oct 26 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus Monday, Nov. 26 - Friday, Nov. 30 9 - 5pm $1,000
M1 Plus TBA 9 - 5pm $1,000



  1. Click on Instant Online Enrollment (A secure and fast easy way to pay by credit card and enroll for M1 Stoll class, a part of CVCC Continuing Education.) 
  2. Click on the 'Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes'
  3. Search For (key word) textbox: type in "Stoll"
  4. Click on "Submit"
  5. Select the Date you want to attend and click "Submit
  6. Fill out your information then "Submit"