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The Manufacturing Solutions Center is a new undertaking at Catawba Valley Community College. Building on a solid experience in outreach to traditional manufacturing, Manufacturing Solutions Center is prepared to move companies forward.

Manufacturing, once the backbone of the American economy, has shrunk. Other parts of the world with lower labor costs, fewer regulations, and stronger support services have attracted production once based in the U.S.

Some manufacturing however, is thriving. Companies with superior products and savvy marketing strategies are growing. The Manufacturing Solutions Center is a facility where innovative concepts may be put through design, or the research and development processes. It's where products and prototypes are tested; manufacturing processes are fine-tuned and accurate cost and product studies are performed. All of these services are available to manufacturers to help them stay at the forefront of their industry.

The result is a value-added product and company that is competitive in a world marketplace

Manufacturing Solutions Center is the vision for a 21st century economy that builds on strengths...strengths of America's manufacturing successes.








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