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Chlorine Bleach Testing

Test Method(s):
    · AATCC Test Method 16 - Test No. 5A
    · AATCC/ASTM TS-001

AATCC Test Method 16 - Test No. 5A, Colorfastness to Laundering, Home and Commercial: Accelerated

launder-o-meterScope: Test 5A - This test is for evaluating the colorfastness of washing of textiles that may be laundered in the presence of available chlorine. Specimens subjected to this test should show color change similar to that produced by five home machine launderings at 49 ± 3°C (120 ± 5°F) with 200 ± 1 ppm available

  • Sample is placed in a launder-o-meter and accelerated laundering is performed with a detergent/chlorine bleach solution
  • Color change of the sample is evaluated





AATCC/ASTM TS-001, Quick Methods for Colorfastness to Chlorine and Non-Chlorine Bleach

chlorine sampleScope:

  • One drop of a chlorine bleach solution is placed on the sample and dabbed off after 1 minute.
  • Color change of the sample is evaluated



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