There are three options depending on the type of product that you want to produce. Each option has an intake survey that you will need to complete prior to meeting with us or scheduling a consultation call. That will allow us to review your information and make the best use of our time by asking pertinent questions that were not provided in your survey. Below are the three options with each survey link provided.

CTD Client Intake Survey - for Cut and Sewn Products

The MSC is a founding partner of Carolina Textile District, an organization who works with people who are looking for cut and sew assistance. This survey is for clients that are looking to produce textile items that will need to be cut and sewn together (apparel, accessories, home d├ęcor, etc.)

MSC Hosiery Intake Survey

This survey is for clients that are looking to produce hosiery related items, such as socks, panty hose, tights and some forms of shape wear. At this time, there is no cost for a 15 minute consultation with the Hosiery Intake Administrator for assistance with hosiery related products, but we must receive your completed survey prior to scheduling the consultation call.

MSC Non-Textile Assessment Tool

This survey is for clients that are looking to produce non-textile related products such as rubber, plastic, wood, metal, etc. After you have completed the free assessment and view/print your free visual roadmap, the cost for our follow-up consultation is only $30 if you choose to proceed. You will still have your free visual roadmap, which can help you realize the areas that you need to work on, even if you choose not to pay the $30 to proceed with the consultation call.