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Fiber Analysis, Identification and Construction Tests Available:

AATCC 20 & 20A

  • Fiber content of a yarn or fabric in %
  • Fiber content of a sock or pantyhose in %


  • Specialty fiber microscopy/cross section

ASTM 1907/D1907M

  • Yarn number by the skein (120 yard reeling) from cone of yarn

ASTM D1423

  • Twist in yarns by direct counting or untwist/retwist (ply & single)


  • Extractable matter in textiles: OPU% (Oil pick up %)

ASTM D2259

  • Shrinkage of yarns in boiling water
  • Shrinkage of yarns in dry heat

ASTM D3361 Modified

  • Staple length - per measurement


  • Melting point

ASTM D3775

  • Picks per inch - thread count

CAN/CGSB-4.0 No. 6-2013

  • Determination of number of threads per unit length - Woven fabrics


  • Needle count of a sock


  • Course count of a sock

ASTM D629 , CAN/CGSB4.2 NO. 14-2005

  • Fiber content

ASTM D1059 & D2260

  • Fiber Content/Yarn Count/Construction for entire sock
  • Yarn Count/Denier Count of a yarn in fabric
  • Filament count per yarn identified

ASTM 1578

  • Breaking load (strength) of yarn by the skein (120 yard reeling)

ASTM D2256

  • Single yarn strength and elongation (Statimat) - Single ply
  • Single yarn strength and elongation (Statimat) - Multi ply
  • Tensile properties of yarn - Single Strand Method (CRE method)

ASTM D3108

  • Coefficient of friction - Yarn to solid material

ASTM D3888

  • Spinning type (OE, Ringspun, etc.)

ASTM D1425 Modified

  • Yarn evenness/unevenness testing

ASTM D3887

  • Knit fabric count (Courses per inch & wales per inch)

CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 7-M88

  • Knitted fabric count - Wales and courses per centimetre
Fiber analysis

Testing/Analysis offered by the hour:

  • Deconstructing fabric into yarn so that yarn testing can be performed
  • Defect analysis/examination